Bagpiping Services

Max has a wide range of competitive and performing experience with the Great Highland Bagpipe.

Since his early teenage years he has performed at countless festive occasions such as Wedding Ceremonies, Birthday Celebrations, Graduation Parties, Golf Tournaments and Country Clubs.


Special Events

Weddings and funerals are classic occasions to call upon a bagpiper, and Max would be a beautiful and worry-free addition to your joyous or solemn day.

But even “less traditional” events warrant a piper’s musical touch! Max is no stranger to surprise parties, engagement parties, large dinner parties in private homes or restaurants, and seasonal holiday parties.

He has been requested to play for large Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and has been a huge hit with Hava Nagila!


Max is also available for tutoring and lessons for the Bagpipes. He has taught absolute beginners as well as intermediate players.

His past pupils have had success in lower level solo and band competitions throughout the Western United States, the Midwest, and the Toronto, Canada circuit.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to play the bagpipes, or have already been playing and want to perfect your musical skill, Max is available for two free lessons and consultation, and can work with individual schedules and needs.

Patriotic Services & Official Events

Max is no stranger to more formal events for individuals in uniform who serve or have served their communities.

Max has performed for men and women of varying levels of the Armed and Volunteer Forces. Such ceremonies include:

  • Memorial Day services and parades
  • 9/11 Remembrance Ceremonies
  • Memorial services for Police Officers
  • Memorial services for Firefighters
  • Individuals who served in any division of the American Armed Forces

Having played with successful competitive bands from grade 4 through grade 1 (the premier band grade) Max has a wide range of understanding the dynamic of different performance requirements and expectations.

Max caters to all events and situations, and is flexible to your own ideas of performances, whether you know exactly how you want the bagpipes to fit into your event, or if you have very little experience with a professional bagpiper.